Errorless learning is a teaching strategy that involves setting up instruction in a way that the learner does not have the chance to make mistakes. For children on the autism spectrum, this can be especially beneficial because there is a no risk of getting stuck in a wrong routine. The routine or behavior is set up correctly and reinforced from the start. So let’s say, you are teaching your child to dry his hands with a towel after washing. After he washes his hands, you immediately provide prompts so he dries his hands on the towel. then you fade your prompt so eventually he is doing this on his own. 

Errorless learning tasks apply the same concept. The work task is created in a way that the child cannot get the wrong answers. Errorless learning tasks are great to build up independent work skills. The student gets to focus on all of the important skills needed to work independently instead of trying to focus on all of those skills plus a demanding academic activity. With errorless learning task, the learner can work on task initiation, sustained attention, time management, fine motor skills, and impulse control. I have been creating different errorless learning tasks that you can utilize in your classroom and I have been loving them. 

These books are all setup in Monday – Friday workbook organization. There are 5 workbooks all with different work but at the same level. This ensures you aren’t unintentionally giving students the same work each day. There is variety built right in and it’s consistently at the student’s level. 

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