Why We Created The Autism Helper Curriculum

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Being a special education teacher often also requires being a curriculum developer. This is no easy task. Figuring out what to teach, the order, the process, and then finding appropriate materials and keeping them organized is beyond overwhelming. My first few years teaching I absolutely had nothing even close to a curriculum. It was a haphazard mash up of random resources I found online. I tried out the various curricular options that were available and nothing fit. It was either not the right levels or way too complicated or way too much work to set up. I continued to piece things together to make something that was a good fit for my students. I started to get a little more organized, but my next big problem was knowing the order to teach each skill. I felt like I was constantly jumping around, and I did not have a clear path or plan.

I started working on The Autism Helper Curriculum the year before I had my first child. The pending maternity leave was starting to stress me out. How would my students continue to learn and progress while I was gone? How would someone else be able to manage the multiple levels and know the correct order and pacing? I decided to create my dream curriculum.

Here were my must haves for my dream curriculum:

  • easy to prep 
  • multiple levels 
  • simple – not overly complicated
  • included a range of topics in a specific sequence
  • utilized visuals
  • includes review of previously mastered topics
  • embed data

And honestly, I got to researching and I got to work. In the back of my mind the whole time, I wanted to create something that could be easily used while I was on maternity leave. I think that really helped push me to create something that is truly very easy to use.

Where We Are Now

Almost 8 years later, The Autism Helper Curriculum now includes 7 subjects: Language Arts, Reading Comprehension, Math, Science, Social Studies, Functional Math, and Functional Literacy and up to 6 levels. We have tweaked and continue to make changes and updates based on user feedback. The Autism Helper Curriculum is used by thousands of teachers throughout the world with consistently great feedback! 

We also set up a Curriculum Access Subscription for schools. Curriculum Access is a way for school districts to purchase all of The Autism Helper Curriculum for their teachers. We also built out some amazing additional features for Curriculum Access such as placement assessments, implementation guides, and extension activities. 

Getting Started with Our Curriculum

If you are a teacher, you now have two options for getting started with TAH Curriculum – you can purchase the curriculum individually or ask your administrators for a Curriculum Access Subscription. 

Purchase the curriculum Individually 

  • Each level can be purchased separately or is offered in a bundle of Levels 1-3. 

Ask Your Administrator for CA

  • My motto is – it never hurts to ask. We can help you out. Here is a our Curriculum Access website with all of the important information like our Case Study Data, Evidence Based Practices, and Standards Alignment. Our amazing Curriculum Access Team can do a live demo with your administrators to show them all of the features. We have an email template you can use to help you get started with your request!

Get Started with The Autism Helper Curriculum: 

Curriculum Access

This subscription-based program was designed specifically for schools. Don’t know where to start? Need help asking your administration to invest in this platform for your classroom? No worries! Our team can schedule a live demo with your school administrators to show them all of the functional, evidence-based aspects of this differentiated, leveled curriculum! You can also use our “Ask Your Admin” email template, or send them this download to get the conversation about Curriculum Access rolling!

Shop Now

The Autism Helper Curriculum is available in 7 subjects: Functional Literacy, Functional Math, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, & Reading Comprehension. Each subjects is available in up to 6 different levels. You can purchase subject levels individually, or in a money-saving bundle from our shop! This curriculum is currently used by thousands of educators and homeschooling parents from across the globe. It covers the instructional needs for students working on early childhood and elementary level skills.


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