What’s on the Grill Dad?

What’s on the Grill Dad? is a fun adapted book to use this time of the year with Father’s Day around the corner.  This book targets food vocabulary terms and number concepts.  The students have to add the correct number of food items to the grill!

The book is simple to set up.  I placed a long strip of clear hard Velcro on the grill and in the long rectangular box along the bottom of each page.  I put soft Velcro on the back of all the food items and cut them out.  Each page should have 6 food items attached to the bottom.  That way when the kids count the items he/she need to figure out when to stop and not add all the item onto the grill.

The students can touch each box as they read across the top of the page.  “What’s on the grill Dad?”  Then we move to the bottom of the page and read how many of those food items to put on the grill.

You can change the level of your prompting depending on your students’ skill level.  Some of my students need me to count with them and help them identify when to “stop”.  A lot of times my students just rote count and have difficulty with those one-to-one correspondence.  I model “stop no more” when we reach the correct number.  I also model the prepositional concept “on” multiple time.

For my higher students they often can complete most of the book independently.  I have them help read the words as we touch each box on the page.  I have the student identify the number of items and then count the food items as they are placed on the grill.

After you finish the grill book you can follow up with a Father’s Day craft.  Here is what the students in one of my preschool classrooms made.  I thought these were so cute!  Happy Father’s Day!!!!

You can find the book on TPT with the link – What’s on the Grill, Dad?


  1. Where do you get your clipart? It’s super cute!

  2. Are these available to purchase?


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