What’s Bugging You {Prepositions}

Adapted books are my jam. You can teach so many different skills, it’s structured, it’s visual, and best part? our kids love them. They know what is expected and there is a clear start & end point. Pure perfection. My What’s Bugging You? Book Series is my favorite of the bunch. The predictable structure and visuals paired with words leads to this glorious phoneme of even your lower level learners engaging with this book in a meaningful way. I have had some kiddos with emerging verbal skills that “read” this book and it is mind-blowing to watch! I have four versions: What’s Bugging You?, What’s Bugging You? Color Matching Edition, What’s Bugging You? Shapes & Sizes, and What’s Bugging You? Prepositions.

Let’s take an in-depth look at What’s Bugging You? Prepositions. Prepositions are tricky and super difficult topic to teach. This skill is really functional and is a must-learn. Think about how often we use prepositions – “Put your books on your desk. “Put your pencil next to your paper.” “Put your papers in your backpack.” Our kids have got to learn the meanings of these words!

This book follows the same structure as the other books & students follow directions related to prepositions!

The Autism Helper - What's Bugging You? Prepositions

The Autism Helper - What's Bugging You? Prepositions


What kids don’t love something bug themed?

The Autism Helper - What's Bugging You? Prepositions


Check out What’s Bugging You? Preposition Edition!

The Autism Helper - What's Bugging You? Prepositions
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