What? How Many? What Color? CHRISTMAS THEMED!

Christmas is right around the corner and I don’t know about you but these last few weeks before break tend to DRAG! I knew to prevent this issue this year and whipped up some new goodies to keep me and my kiddos busy the last few days before our vacationpalooza. I created a holiday version of my bestseller – What? How Many? What Color? This book has been such a hit and is actually really speedy to make. I know nobody has time to be slaving over the laminator this time of year. The book will only run you 7 piece of laminating and some velcro 🙂

The Autism Helper - Christmas Book

Before I give you my rundown of the new book, let me share some feedback from teachers about the original version. I have heard so many great things about this book and it warms my heart to hear how helpful it has been for so many students:

“This is one of my favorite products! Thanks!”

“I love all your adapted books. This one is great for working on wh- questions, labeling and I love that I can make it as simple or complex as necessary! Thanks for all your hard work and especially for sharing with us.”

“This is awesome! My students will use it over and over again and they never tire of it.”

“This book has been invaluable in expanding my students’ expressive and receptive language. Once my students were exhibiting fluency with the book, I started to mix up the order of the questions to demand their attention to my words instead of just the flow of the words. Great resource!”

Awesome! A brilliant idea and a very valuable teaching resource, thanks so much!!!!

I made a version two a while ago but this Christmas Version takes the cake! It’s the same format as the original version but with all holiday themed vocabulary!

The Autism Helper - Christmas Book

The Autism Helper - Christmas Book
Check out this product on TpT and grab it for the last two weeks of school before break 🙂


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