“What is the Feature?” is the last and most challenging book in my feature adapted book series.  For this book the student has to identify which feature the pictured item has.  The different feature words are only written and do not have that added visual support which makes it more difficult.  This book is great for students who can read and who understand the different feature concepts.  You can have your student or you can read all the feature words before you start the book and go over any of the feature words they might not know or need a quick review of the meaning.

Each page has 3 items for the student to figure out the correct feature of the item for a total of 30 feature concepts targeted in this book.  This gives the students lots of practice!  The student needs to select the correct feature concept and place it in the empty box.  It is important the students complete the book in the correct order so all the item and feature concepts work out the right way.  Some items may have more than one feature so I had to make sure certain features were used first.        

There are a few feature concepts which can be used interchangeable and the book still works out correctly.  The girl and boy can either have “legs” or “hair”.  The bird and the eagle can either have “wings” or “feathers”.  The bear and the dog can either have “paws” or “fur”.  Hopefully, the others are clear on what the targeted feature is of the item.        

At the beginning it might be hard for some of your students to find the feature concept from such a large selection of words so you can always give your student a choice of 2-3 answers.  For example, “a building has….paws, windows, or spots?”  Hopefully then the student can identify the building has “windows” and select the window word and place it in the empty box.  Once some of the feature terms are used it might be a little easier since there will be less words from which to choose.

As I mentioned with the other books you can always have your students identify other items which have the same feature as the pictured item.  For example, after identifying peanuts have shells maybe they can think of 1-2 more items which have shells.    

For students using AAC devices, the student can find the feature words on their devices.  Work on navigating those devices to find those not so commonly used feature concepts on their device.  You and your student might have to think through where to search on their device to find the concept.  A rhino has a “horn”.  Since horn is a multiple meaning word they would have to think about where to find the word “horn” on their device.  Since students use different devices it might be listed under different categories on their device.  Then they can work on combining words together to form a phrase such as “rhino has horn”.      

This book would also be good for a student to use at an independent work station.  After the student completes the book you can check to make sure the student got all the features correct.  Just for a quick reminder the series of books includes “What Feature Do You See?”, “I Spy a book about Object Features”, and “What is the Feature?”  If you are interested in this set of books you can find them on TPT with the link – Feature Adapted Book Series.  Also check out next week’s blog for a set of Free Feature Worksheets to use with the books!

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