The last book in my Function adapted book series is “What is the Function?”  Just for a quick reminder the set of function adapted books includes What Function Do You See?, I Spy Function, and What Is The Function?  The books vary in the level of difficulty which allows for flexible to meet the needs of your students.      

For the last book in the series, “What is the Function?”, the student has to identify what the function of a given item is.  The different function words are only written and do not have that added visual support which make it more challenging.  This book is great for students who can read and understand the concept of those function words.  You can have your student or you can read all the function words before you start the book and go over any of the function words they might not know or need a quick review.

Each page has 3 items for the student to figure out the correct function of the item for a total of 30 function concepts targeted in this book.  This gives the students lots of practice!  The student needs to select the correct function and place it in the empty box.       

You can always give your student a choice of 2-3 answers if they are having difficulty identifying the correct function for the item.  For example, “is a mitt for measuring, catching, pushing?”  The student can then place the word “catching” in the empty box. 

I tried to use common items that our students should be able to identify the functions of those items.   A knife is for cutting and a book is for reading. 

You can also have them identify other items which share the same function.  For example, “a pencil is for writing.”  Have your student name 1-2 more items which also are for writing such as a pen or marker. 

For student using AAC devices, the student can find the function words on their devices.  Again this is good practice to work on navigating to the action verb page and finding those different action verbs.  It often is easy for my students to find nouns on their devices so I like when the function is on something else.  Instead of finding “jacket” they know have to find “wear”.  They can work on combining words together such as “wear jacket” or “I wear jacket”.  They can combine “climb ladder”.  Lots of options to work putting words together to make simple phrase.      

This book would also be good for a student to use at an independent work station.  After the student completes the book you can check to make sure the student got all the functions correct.  If you are interested in this set of books you can find them on TPT with the link – Function Adapted Book Series

Sarah Allen, MA CCC-SLP

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