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Let’s discuss what I have learned from The Autism Helper’s Professional Development Membership!

The Autism Helper’s Professional Development Membership provides ongoing training, resources, and support to help create the best educational outcomes for learners with autism. I have been a member for a few years, and the membership has helped me become the successful teacher I am today.

Every month, new content and exclusive resources are released about staff training, class structure, academics, behavior, and communication.  The membership helps me learn through training videos that are short and actionable, aligned to the needs of special educators, and offered in several different formats.

Staff Training:

Let’s face it, as special educators, we were never told that this would be part of our job – but it is.  To run a successful and inclusive classroom, staff training is A MUST.  But how? When?  Trust me, I know.  Not only has the Professional Development Membership given me the tools to train my paraprofessionals, but it has also shown me how to train my paraprofessionals.

I am incredibly thankful for my team.  At times, it’s like we can read each other’s minds.  This is due to the time invested in getting to know them and training them.  My favorite resource I have been given with the PDM is The Paraprofessional Training Manual!

Classroom Structure:

Classroom structure is one of the most difficult things to figure out as a new special education teacher however, The Professional Development Membership helped me learn what works for my students and me, quickly!

Each month, there is a new video released about classroom structure, such as organization, staff/student schedules, small groups, and more. These videos, paired with the actual resources provided have helped me so much in my classroom.  My day runs so smoothly thanks to the tips, videos, and resources I’ve gained by joining the PDM.



This student is working on TAH Leveled Daily Curriculum.
Being a member of the Professional Development Membership has taught me what type of academics to implement in my classroom.  I have also learned the importance of teaching independent skills as well as how to set up/implement independent centers.  One of my favorite resources gained from the PDM is this Work Task System for a Special Education Classroom. You can read about my classroom’s work task system in this blog post. 

Through Sasha’s training videos, I have also learned how to take data and use it in a meaningful way to guide my instruction and IEP goals.

Behavior & Communication:

This is a visual communication book that I prepare for Meet the Teacher Night. The cover of the book says My Parent and Teacher Communication Book and it has a rainbow on it.
My teacher credentialing school did not discuss behavior and communication while I was enrolled.  Once I entered the autism field, I didn’t know what functions of behavior were.  I had no idea what or how to use ABC data.  Additionally, I wasn’t shown how to teach students who are non-speaking.  This was all on me to learn – and that felt HEAVY.  Thankfully, the final component of the Professional Development Membership explicitly taught me everything I needed to know and how to implement behavior and communication in my classroom.

One of my favorite resources included with the PDM is the Home School Communication Packet.  These have improved my communication with families immensely!

While I have learned an incredible amount of knowledge that has helped me be a successful special education teacher, the most important thing I have learned is that I am not alone.  There is a whole community of like-minded educators and professionals out there who want to help me.  With the Professional Development Membership, I have access to a community of educators and the creators of the Professional Development Membership to collaborate and brainstorm when something in my classroom is not working.  Why I ever thought I had to do this job alone – I don’t know!
Are you considering joining the Professional Development Membership, join the waitlist here!  Let me know if you have any questions and I will get back to you.  Thanks for reading! 

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