Just a Wee Bit of an Organization Obsession

I wish I could bring this organization obsession home with me but I sometimes can’t. My classroom is WAY more organized than my home. ย I’ve been on all time organizing high this school year. I think it’s because with our case loads are getting bigger and bigger we need to be more efficient than ever. And organization = efficiancy. Either that or I’m just crazy.

So I thought I’d link up with 4th Grade Frolic‘s ‘Monday Made It’ to let you into the mind of a self diagnosed OOD (organization obsession disorder).

My other recent obsession that has been melding with my organization issues is chevron. It’s super trendy and I don’t care. I hopped on the chevron band wagon and I don’t want to get off. I think I’ve spent too much time on pinterest probably. I didn’t really realize this obsession until my friend was looking through my pinterest boards yesterday and asked if the chevron pattern had any special meaning related to autism because I had so many chevron things pinned. I had to embarrassingly admit that I just thought it was cute and that was it …

I did all my binders this year in a chevron theme. But the gloriousness of these binders doesn’t end with their adorable exterior – it’s the inside amazingness that matters.

Teacher Binder: contains everything from lesson plans to IEP goal minutes to blanks to collaboration logs. I got these awesome divider tabs at a conference and just printed up some labels and taped them on top!

Student Reading Data Binder: Here I store everything related to reading. The Rigby Assessments, Baer tests we do for spelling, any blank forms/assessments related to reading, and this is where I will be store my vocabulary data as well (I literally JUST posted this on TpT and am super pumped – I’ll be doing a post on this soon! It’s 150 vocab words – enough to last you the whole year!)

Reading Data Binder: This binder goes at the reading station and has all the data sheets and goal info what each student works at this center. This center is run by an aide. For each goal, I have a goal sheet with everything written out followed by the data sheets.

Schedule Binders: I have two schedule binders. One keeps all of the numbers for my table time independent work system (the one I lovingly call the most space efficient and organized work tasks system) – we keep the numbers in baseball card holders. So easy.

The other schedule binder keeps all of our master schedules for my kiddos who have weekly written schedules, any monthly calendar pieces for our calendar binder work, and extra schedule pieces for my kids who are the color coded daily schedule (also keep in baseball card holders).

Now that I’m aware of my weird chevron urges, I’m going to try to cut back. Promise. Except for the patterns that are suuuuuper cute ๐Ÿ™‚



eeeek: totally didn’t realize my fluency data binders are chevron too….


  1. I’m in the process of binderizing everything too!

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  2. haha – good to know I’m not the only crazy one ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. How do you make the chevron cover pages for your binders? Is there a template you download and type on top of? I’m so curious! These are adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I googled chevron images and and used powerpoint! I am thinking of making a freebie editable set – I’ll keep you posted! Don’t you love chevron!?

  5. I am totally on the chevron bandwagon also. I’m gonna need those binder covers asap!!! LOL. I just found this adorable chevron and burlap kind of ribbon and I am using it for some of my bulletin boards. Its not too loud, but totally cute.

  6. Haha! Love everything chevron!!

  7. I am working on using binders for many things in the room, but I am a co-teacher in a resource room of approximately 45 kids (varies weekly it seems!) and we are both new-ish. It is basically our first years in contracted positions, though we’ve had some long-term positions they haven’t involved setting up the classroom and schedules, etc. We each have our own kids that we are the case manager, but we teach as a team so I might teach all of the 3rd graders with a reading IEP in a group even though we each have some of the kids on our caseload.

    I was also hired the day before school started and she had been here already so some things were kind of already set in place and I feel like it might be easier for me to adapt to her ways and then go from there to modify as needed.

    But, I do have a binder with my ever-changing caseload lists with minutes and IEP due dates, ever-changing schedule, grade level schedules, and hopefully soon an IEP at a glance form with contact info, goals, and accomodations for each student and any parent contact/documentation that needs to happen. We have files in a file cabinet for assessments for each and then the IEP file for each.

    Binders are awesome! My original thought when I had my 20 or so kiddos I would either do a binder with data collection sheets and assessments for each kid, so 20 binders which may have been a little ridiculous, but would have been a breeze for IEP writing and we have the space on a shelf. Then my thought was a binder for each goal area we see with a divider for each kid’s data sheets and assessments. But we’re going with the file cabinet system since we share our kids so much.

  8. Sounds like you have a plan! It’s all about finding a system that works for you!


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