Weather Mega Pack

I love myself a good mega pack. Mega pack in Autism Helper language means it’s massive and thorough. My students need repeatition. One worksheet is not helpful – we need 10 different versions. We need different ways to practice the same We need visuals, multiple examples, and structured tasks. That – my friends – is a mega pack. It’s jam packed with everything and anything you will need to work on a skill and I just added a new mega pack to the family – the Weather Mega Pack!

I absolutely love teaching about the weather because it’s one of those perfectly awesome academic concepts that is also functional. It’s like the marriage of common core and life skills education. You can work on the academic aspect while teaching your students something that will make a meaningful impact on their life.

This mega pack is jam packed. It contains almost 100 pages of work so you are definitely getting your money’s worth. Here is all that is included:

13 Weather Vocabulary Flashcards with Definitions

The Autism Helper - Weather

Daily Weather Visual {great for use in a morning meting or calendar time}


Adapted Book – Oh WOW, What’s the Weather? {super fun adapted book that follows a similar pattern as my What’s Bugging You? Books – this is great for your less verbal kiddos}

The Autism Helper - Weather

Weather Following Direction Worksheets (great for your nonverbal learners!)

The Autism Helper - Weather

Weather Forecast Comprehension Worksheets (I LOVE these)

The Autism Helper - Weather

Weather Matching Worksheets {picture to picture & picture to word}

The Autism Helper - Weather

Weather Writing Activities {great to show deeper understanding of the concepts}

The Autism Helper - Weather

Two games: Weather Bingo & I have, Who has? Weather Edition

Weather Bingo has two levels of play and 15 game boards

The Autism Helper - Weather

I have, Who has? uses all vocabulary terms

The Autism Helper - Weather

Check out the video product preview:

Check out my new Weather Mega Pack on TpT. It goes great with my Weather and Season File Folder Activities and new Visual Temperature Graph!


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