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As a special education teacher or a parent of an autistic student, finding effective teaching tools and independent work activities can be a challenge. That’s why I am excited to share with you The Autism Helper’s Vocational Work Task Mega Pack. This incredible resource not only enhances the learning experience but also supports a meaningful cause.

Supporting Will’s Place: A Non-Profit Sandwich Shop

What sets this resource apart is that 100% of the proceeds go to Will’s Place, a non-profit sandwich shop located in Skokie, Illinois. Will’s Place is dedicated to providing meaningful employment and vocational training opportunities to adults with disabilities. By purchasing this pack, you are not only enriching your classroom but also contributing to a worthy cause.  

Engaging and Versatile Work Tasks

This vocational work task is showing how students can text their co worker or boss.
This vocational work task is stocking a vending machine.
The Vocational Work Task Mega Pack includes 25 engaging work tasks, specifically designed for special education teachers and parents of autistic students. These tasks are not only effective teaching tools but also serve as independent work activities, promoting a structured learning environment.  To read about the importance of setting up a work task system, read this post from Sasha.

Realistic Photos and Everyday Examples

What I like about this resource is the use of primarily real and realistic photos, as well as everyday examples. This approach helps autistic students connect the tasks to real-life situations, making the learning experience more meaningful and relatable.

Comprehensive Instructions and Visuals

To ensure ease of use, The Autism Helper’s Vocational Work Task Mega Pack provides comprehensive instructions, visuals, labels, and setup directions for each of the 25 work tasks. This attention to detail allows teachers and parents to seamlessly implement these activities in their classrooms or homes.

Wide Spectrum of Skill Levels and Vocational Skills

This vocational work task helps people practice how to count the register money at the end of the night.
This vocational work task focuses on putting items in the correct category.
This vocational work task practices things that are ok to say at work and things that are not ok to say at work.
This vocational work task helps people practice how to read an order ticket and fulfill the order.
The work tasks included in this pack cover a wide spectrum of skill levels and vocational skills. From grocery and retail to food service, professional communication, stocking/inventory, patient care, planning, and more, these activities offer a diverse range of learning opportunities. This variety ensures that students with different abilities and interests can benefit from this resource.

Easy Preparation with Inclusive Supply List

Preparing for these work tasks can be time-consuming, but The Autism Helper’ has helped streamline the process. The resource includes an inclusive supply list, ensuring a seamless setup process for all centers. This feature saves valuable time and allows teachers and parents to focus on what matters most – supporting their students’ growth and development.
By incorporating these activities into your classroom or home, you are empowering individuals with autism and helping them develop essential vocational skills. You are also helping out a wonderful non-profit organization, Will’s Place!  Check out Will’s Place on Instagram here.
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