Vocational Job Series Part 3: Miscellaneous Tasks How-To

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If you missed the first two blogs on vocational jobs, check out part 1 (stocking how-to and freebie) here and part 2 (filing tasks how-to) here.  


Shred paper

Something always needs shredding and a super easy job to put together.  Email your building staff asking if anyone has an extra shredder they would be willing to donate to your class.  Get an empty box or bin for the papers that need shredding.

Add emptying the shred and replacing it with a new trash bag as an additional job to this task.


Crimp paper

This is one of my favorite job tasks in the classroom and one that students have loved over the years.  Use scraps of paper and get a crimper from your local craft store.  Students will love seeing the paper crimped. 

Crush Pop Cans

Set up a recycling bin in the teacher’s lounge to collect empty pop cans.  Students will get the empty pop cans, rinse them out with water, and use the can crusher to crush the cans.  You can have students recycle the cans after.

Sort mail

Use a paper organizer and put labels with the last names of staff members on each shelf.  Grab some recycled magazines and envelopes with the last names of the staff members and have students sort the mail.  Once they master it in your classroom, talk to your administrators and secretaries about having your students check the mail daily and sorting it into the staff mailboxes.


Library books

Decide how you want students to stock the books and create labels for each bin.  You can stock the books by theme/genre, create labels with numbers/colors and label each book, or have students stock the books alphabetically. 

Clothing and Laundry Tasks

Fold towels

Have different sizes for students to fold.

Sort laundry

Create two baskets for students to separate colors and whites.


Fold t-shirts

Students use a folding t-shirt board to fold t-shirts easily.

Hang up clothes

Put t-shirts, pants, dresses, etc., in a laundry basket and have students hang the items up on a clothing rack.

Put away laundry (dresser drawers)

Use a three-drawer storage container to have students put t-shirts, towels, and socks away into the drawers.


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  1. Tell me about the V9 schedule matching cards I see along many of these tasks. I am asking out of curiosity and interest. Do the tasks move during the year? So if V9 was the pegboard soda would you move the card to a different location when the tasks changed up or replace the task in the same location. How do students know where to find those schedule matching cards, they look small in a regular classroom. I like the idea, I am trying to wrap my head around implementing it with students in a 10th grade Life Skills program so it provides the structure they require but has the “check list” type idea they might see setup for them in an employment situation. Does that make sense?

    • I replace the task at the location. The students are taught the routine at the beginning of the year and where match. Once the routine is taught, prompting is faded, and they become independent throughout the year. Hope that helps!


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