Visual Temperature Bar Graph

I got a TON of great feedback on my post from a few months back about my visual temperature bar graph. It’s a stellar way to incorporate students who are nonverbal or lower functioning into a graphing task. In the unending battle towards incorporating Common Core standards and academics into the curriculum of all my students, I created this useful visual for graphing the temperature. It’s a great way to target multiple skills at once such as graphing and weather recognition. We use it as part of our morning calendar time!

A lot of readers emailed about if I was going to post this resource on TpT and it finally crept its way up my never ending to do list. It’s posted and ready to go! You can set this up in just minutes and have your class completing a daily graphing skill! Check out my Visual Temperature Bar Graph!

This packet contains all visuals, directions for setup, and map keys.

The Autism Helper - Weather

Check out the video product preview:


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