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Let’s be real – behaviors don’t only happen within the 4 walls of our classrooms. Sometimes I wish that they would because in those 4 walls, I am way more in control. In our classrooms, we have visuals, schedules, data sheets, paras, and ideas ready to roll. We can ignore loud attention-maintained behaviors without getting snarky looks from noisy on-lookers. We have all the tools we may need accessible and can grab them as needed. But life isn’t so simple because life outside of our classrooms is hard for our kids. The cafeteria is an unpredictable place. The hallways are loud and over-stimulating. And don’t even get me started on the gym. It’s no surprise that many behaviors may be occurring outside of our rooms, so we need to be prepared to give our kids every advantage as we walk out that door and into that big scary world.

A quick and easy way to make sure behavior plans are being followed and ensure that our students are understood and understand us, is to bring visuals with you. The best way to do that is with visuals you carry all day! Hang a set of visuals on a lanyard around your neck or use a clip to attach to your belt loop and everywhere you go – you are ready with visuals. You might need access to visuals in the hallway, on the playground, getting on the bus, etc. Now you are ready. Check out this Visual Necklace resource!

This packet include 30 3inch/3inch visuals for a variety of commands, comments, and prompts that you might need on a daily basis. Laminate these small visuals and put a hole punch in the corner. Now you have 30 visuals at your finger tips!

Our children often struggle with with receptive language and often don’t understand what is being asked of them. Learn more about receptive language challenges here and why visuals are effective here. This resource is easy prep. I love making a bunch of extra sets so I can give them to substitute paraprofessionals, specials teachers, and even send home to parents.

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  1. This Visual necklace also is great for parents. It helps with heightened frustration levels when communication is a barrier. My grandson was nonverbal two years ago and carrying portable visual supports made all the difference. And we still use some with him because of his difficulties with understanding.
    Great idea!

  2. Please email me the visual necklace. I feel this would be very helpful in my classroom.

  3. This is amazing and would be so helpful, I’m currently working in an ASD unit. I would really appreciate it if you could email it to me 🙂


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