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All summer we have talked about the importance of schedules and visuals and now we’ve been putting into overdrive by saying the whole goal of this month is teach and solidify routines and schedules. So we all get it. Schedules are important. But don’t forget about schedule’s BFF – the calendar. A calendar is a schedule for the whole dang year and if your schedule game is going to be on point then you definitely need to make room for calendars too.

Monthly calendars are one of those things that really annoyed me my first few years teaching. It felt like I would make a visual monthly calendar and then literally blink two times and suddenly it was time to make one again. My students were obsessed with the visual calendars and had a knack for bringing up that we needed a new calendar at the least opportune times (ie. in the middle of a massive diaper disaster or smack dab in the middle of getting observed by the principal). I always forgot about it and it always annoyed me to have to do it.


Eureka moment: prep and print the calendars for the whole year!

I don’t know why it took me so long to figure it out. Prepping and printing the entire year’s worth of calendars makes life so much easier. Plus it helps my students with long term planning!

I store all of them in a page protector so it’s just flip and go each month! No more searching around for next month or scrambling to get it printed!

My 2016-2017 Visual Monthly Calendars are one of the first things I print at the start of the school year.¬†This packet includes simple and easy to understand visual calendars for August 2016 – July 2017. The calendar contains visual and text alerts for holidays and other special events. Weekends are indicated by a “no school” picture.”

When you grab the 2016-2017 Visual Monthly Calendars there are PDFs that are ready to go and also editable versions. I plug in birthdays, days off, and other special events in the editable version before I print. Throughout the year we write in any additional special events!


  1. Do you have calendars for 2020


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