Video Tutorial: Categorizing Fluency

Another video tutorial! This one great for both students who are nonverbal or have verbal skills. Categorizing can be done as a fluency program. It’s critical to make sure that this skill is fast. Categorizing is an essential foundational skill that leads to organization abilities, discrimination, and teaches students to make sense of their world.  Using fluency training when working on categorizing will make this skill functional.


Check out how to conduct a fluency timing on categorizing:

If you are in need of picture flashcards for a timing like this (& data sheets) – check out my Fluency Mega Pack!

The Autism Helper - Categorizing Fluency

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  1. What a fabulous way to share your knowledge! I really hope that other teachers and parents are seeing what a great resource you are!
    Thank you for sharing your ideas and improving the lives of children every where – not just in your own classroom. 🙂


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