With Valentine’s Day coming up I thought I would share some fun Valentine activities you can use with your students.  I paired the adapted book “Cupid, Cupid What Do You See?” with a Valentine Heart Craft.

“Cupid, Cupid What Do You See?” is an adapted book which targets color concepts and number concepts 1-6.  The students have to find the correct color and number of hearts to go in each candy jar.  This makes it a little more challenging than just matching the heart pieces together.

After you read the book you can make a Valentine heart with those same red, pink, purple, and yellow colors from the adapted book.  To set up the craft I just cut out hearts and strips of paper in those colors.

I have the student request one color of paper and then cut that strip of paper into small pieces.  You can also have your students rip the paper instead of cutting it.  I often focus on one color at a time.  After he/she cuts or rips the paper into small pieces I have him/her request the glue and put those pieces on the heart.

Then I have them request the next color and continue the same way for all four colors.  This provides lots of opportunities for requesting and also focuses on those color concepts.

Valentine Shakes, Valentine Freezes, and Valentine Floats.  These are all delicious treats you can make with your students.  I often pick one recipe to make with several of my groups of students for Valentine’s Day.  You can also have the students vote on what they want to make!

Valentines Shakes and Valentine Freezes both have written and visual recipes and are made in the blender.

The Valentine shake is made by blending milk, ice cream, and strawberries together.  The Valentine Freeze is made by blending raspberry sherbert and sprite together in the blend.  You can add whipped cream and a cherry on top!  Both are delicious and simple to make.  You students can complete either visual or written follow up questions after they enjoy their treat.

Valentine Floats are super simple to make.  Just pour sprite over the raspberry sherbet and watch it bubble.  Then add whipped cream to the top.  This is great to work on sequencing those 1st, 2nd, and 3rd concepts.  I did this last year as a whole class activity in my blended preschool classroom and it worked out great.

If you want to make something NON-edible to make check out this Valentine Ooze recipe.  All you need is Corn Starch, Water, and Red Food Coloring!

Have your students work on following directions and requesting while making this ooze.  It’s always a hit with my students.  If you are interested in a FREE copy of this recipe click the link – Valentine-Ooze  For more information about how to make this with your students click the link – Valentine Ooze with Free Recipe

I also created some Free visuals to pair with the following the books “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose” and “Valentine Mice”.

Both books have visuals to support the book and follow up questions.  If you are interesting in learning more about how to use these books with your students check out my post from last year – Valentine Books with Free Book Pictures and Questions. 

Here are the FREE Visual and Questions for each book

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose                      Valentine Mice

You can find the other resources on TPT with the links – Cupid, Cupid What Do You See?

Valentine Shake, Valentine Float, and Valentine Freeze

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