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Valentine Ooze with Free Recipe!

We are making Valentine Ooze this week in speech.  You can’t eat it but the kids love making it and playing with the gooey mixture.  It’s so awesome.  This is a simple recipe which targets following directions, building up vocabulary, and sequencing.  If you are interested in a copy of this recipe click the following link: Valentine Ooze. 

To set up the activity, the students and I read the first line of the recipe.  We get out the bowl and then I set the other 3 items on the table – Corn Starch, Water, and Red Food Coloring.  I have the students verbally say the items or point to the pictures of the items. 

First add 1 cup of corn starch into the bowl.  I have the students take turns adding the different items into the bowl.  I hold up my finger and say “first corn starch”.  I also model the “in” concept – “in the bowl”.

Second we add ½ cup of water into the bowl.  “Second water”.

Third we add 5 drops of red food coloring into the bowl.  Then we mix up the ooze with our hands. 

The mixture is really an interesting texture.  It is pretty liquidy but you can pick it up.  I have the students drop the ooze on the table but then they can scoop the mixture back up again.  It is so interesting!!!!

Some of my students have sensory issues and difficulty touching different textures so I worked with those students on touching part of the mixture or with just a finger.  So far I have had success with one of my students who never touches anything and he actually put his hand in the ooze!  I was very impressed.  


After we take time playing with the ooze I have the students complete the follow up sequencing activity.  The students need to place the 3 items used in the recipe in the correct order.  Depending on your students skill level you can work on having the students retell you the steps to make the ooze.  You can even have some of the students write the steps.

I also create some edible Valentine recipes which include Valentine Shakes, Valentine Freezes, and Valentine Floats.  For more information about these recipes and how to make them with your student click the following link – Valentine Treats

Here is the link to these Valentine recipes! – Valentine Shakes, Freezes, and Floats


  1. Sarah–I love your posts! I would like to use the ooze recipe with my kids, but the link for the free ooze recipe did not work. Would you please send it to me?

  2. I can’t print the Valentine Ooze recipe, can you email it to me?

  3. Hi,
    Just curious, have you tried extra corn starch so it’s less liquids ? I love the recipe but I some of my students will do better with a less liquidy batch !



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