Valentine Party Prepping

Want to hear something that completely devastated my little babies? Caused mass confusion and heartache? My class will be having their Valentine’s party on Friday. Friday the 15th. Wrong on multiple levels – I get it. Unfortunately, I got scheduled to attend a professional development meeting developing assessments for next year – on Valentine’s Day. Ugh. The horror!

So the party will be on the 15th. We will live. They’ll get through it. Now time for the fun part – party planning details! Check out this post to check how I run my parties. You think I would dare do something unstructured? Yea, right. Class parties are structured and organized!

Our party stations we will be…

… playing February Bingo! We will probably spice this up by using candy pieces as bingo chips!

pic 4


We will also be doing some cut and paste Valentine activities! I will be using my File Folder Activities for Valentine’s as cut and paste activities. Since I have easy, matching ones and harder, pattern alphabet ones – I will be able to easily differentiate for my wide range of types of learners!

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We will also be doing the Valentine Following Direction Worksheets! These are free in my TpT store – so be sure to grab them before V-Day! We have been using them for homework this week! I will adapt these for my lower kids by adding color cues to the basic worksheets.
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Of course we need a cooking station! What would be complete without a little food, right. We had a blast making Strawberry milkshakes last week in speech. We have done a lot of cookie decorating but I’m thinking of getting crafty with my new kitchenaide mixer I got for Christmas and make mini cupcakes for the kiddos to decorate. (fyi: my school does not have rules or guidelines regarding home made food) look at these cute ones!
Last but not least – crafty crafts. There are too many cute options! I still can’t decide. Here are the options:
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Links to these are all in my pinterest Fabulous Finds Board!
What are you all doing at Valentine’s celebrations? 
also: be on the lookout for a Valentine Freebie to sweeten up your day 🙂 
it’s super good – it was mentioned in this post…
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  1. I missed it again! I am not doing to well with getting to my email until too last these days. Bummer, I can’t get Facebook via CPS computers:( I already have a lot of things planned for tomorrow, I’ll send pictures when I have them of some of the things I have done and what we’re doing tomorrow. Have a great day away from your kiddos. I hate planning for a sub, its so much work. I’m off Friday and Monday, the horror! Have a good one and I’ll make a post-it reminding to look at your blog before 7 every night from now on:) My mom loves your blog as well, but she doesn’t have FB.

  2. Aww sorry Claire! Have so much fun on your days off – lucky you! I’ll try and shot you an email next time I do a freebie! 🙂


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