Need something fun this week to do in your classroom or with your therapy groups for Valentine’s Day…..what about making Valentine Shakes, Valentine Freezes, or Valentine Floats?  All 3 recipes are easy to make and taste delicious.

Valentine Shakes & Valentine Freezes

The kids love using the blender and here are 2 different blender recipes with follow-up questions.  For both the Valentine Shake and Valentine Freeze I created 2 different types of recipes… a visual recipe and a written recipe.

Valentine Shake Recipe 2

Having both the visual and written recipe allows you flexibility to complete the activity with students who have varying skill levels.  The pictures created for each recipe can be used as visuals to teach new vocabulary terms, pictures for non-verbal students to use during the activity, and to help the students as they complete the comprehension question worksheets.

Valentine Freeze Recipes 2

After my students enjoy the Valentine treat I have them complete either the visual questions or the written questions to work on comprehension skills.  This also reviews the vocabulary terms we used during the lesson and targets sequencing skills.

Slide4 Slide6

Valentine Float

I’m making the Valentine Floats this week as a whole class lesson in my blended preschool classroom and in one of my kindergarten classrooms.  This recipe is simple to follow and it’s gluten and dairy free for students with restricted diets.  The focus of this recipe for me is sequencing.  I really want to focus on the concepts of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for this activity.

Valentine Float Recipes 2

I cut out the numbers 1,2, and 3, and I’m going to add the number onto the ingredient as we use it.  This will help provide the additional visual support for those sequencing concepts and will help with the follow-activity.  After the students enjoy the float, they will complete this sequencing activity.  Have the students cut out all 3 pictures of the ingredients – raspberry sherbet, Sprite, and whipped cream.  Then glue the pictures in the correct order onto the sequencing board.

Valentine Float Sequencing

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sarah The Speech Helper



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