Valentine File Folder Activities

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What to hear some sad? Sometimes I forget to thoroughly include all of my students in the seasonal fun. Now don’t jump down my throat – all of my students participate in holiday parties, seasonal cooking, and crafts. Except I am way better – or maybe it’s easier – to make seasonal activities for my more academic students. I love make thematic writing worksheets, cute holiday prepositions task, seasonal reading comprehension tasks, holiday poems – you get the idea. But then sometimes my other kiddos are left doing the same old work tasks and goal programs with no seasonal fun. Ugh. Now where is the fun in that? They need some holiday loving too, right!?

File folder activities tot the rescue! These Valentine themed file folder activities will make sure everyone is included. I have file folder activities for every holiday and my little bundles of joy get so excited when I bring out each month’s new version!  I highly recommend spending some time and making a bunch and then you will have a nice stockpile. These compact puppies of love rock my world.

Here’s why File Folder Activities are amazing:

  • storage!!!! These store so easily. I keep mine stored by concept in a filing cabinet. It’s super easy to find the ones I am looking for and it takes up almost no space. You should be sold right there.
  • Since they are compact you can easily throw these in an independent work task, send home for homework, or keep a stack of easy ones for down time (keep those busy hands working instead of getting into trouble).
  • Since these are a familiar format – I find that some of my more challenging students are more open to new and difficult concepts because they are comfortable with the structure.

In this packet there are detailed instructions and materials for 12 file folders ranging from easy concepts such as matching and sorting to harder concepts such as patterns, sizes, and counting. A little bit of everything 🙂 Check it out:





I also included an (overly) detailed guide sheet on how to label the crap out of these tasks. I include visual labels for each task so it can be perfectly, adorably and conveniently labeled!

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 6.13.20 PM

Check out the product preview:

Check out this product on TpT – File Folder Activities for Valentine’s  🙂


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