Using The Autism Helper Homework in Early Childhood and Kindergarten

When meeting with families of our learners, I have many parents ask what they can do at home. Whether we are in an IEP meeting, parent/teacher conference, or other scheduled meetings and family involvement times, I am prepared for this question. One answer that I always give are ideas that go along with the learner’s IEP goals. Another answer that I give are The Autism Helper leveled homework bundles and errorless workbooks! In this post, I will share how I share these resources with parents and why I believe they can still be used with our younger learners.

Errorless Workbooks

My favorite errorless work to send home are the easy matching workbooks. These are available in so many themes that they are easy to coordinate with the theme within the classroom. These are wonderful for our early learners who are working on increasing their attention to a task, grasping items with a pincer grasp, hand eye coordination to match the piece to velcro, and early language skills. I always give families how to engage with their child while using these workbooks and how to increase language as long as the child can attend.

Preacademic homework

The 0.5 leveled daily homework set is already ready to be sent home. I like to send home 1 unit at a time so as not to overwhelm families. Depending on the family and the learner, I have also sent home a few pages at a time. This set does have tracing included and I tell the families, depending on their fine motor skills and goals, that they can use hand over hand assistance and then fade that prompt as they go through the task on the page. The skills included in this pack are: 

  • tracing letters and numbers
  • matching pictures
  • tracing lines
  • tracing shapes
  • matching or finding shapes
  • copy the picture (visual perception skills)

Academic Homework

The upper level daily homework sets are perfect for the higher learners! All of them are ready for print and then use. Just like the pre academic set, I will send home one unit at a time, or a few pages at a time. All of the homework packets include a parent letter! 

Some of the skills included in set 1 are: 

Skills Included in Level 1:

  • tracing and copying words
  • identify color
  • count (numbers 1-10)
  • identify letters
  • copy the picture (visual perception skills)


Some of the skills included in set 2 are: 

  • grammar {such as: nouns, verbs, word structure}
  • basic questions {such as: making lists, identifying personal information, and wh- questions}
  • math {such as: coin identification, time to the hour, number order, single digit addition, more or less than, missing number}
  • basic reading comprehension
  • writing {creating novel sentences}


Some of the skills included in set 3 are: 

  • grammar {such as: nouns, verbs, adjectives, antonyms, punctuation marks, prepositions}
  • complex concrete and abstract questions {such as: making inferences, advanced personal info, sequencing}
  • math {such as: coin combinations, word problems, time to the five minute, skip counting, double digit addition & subtraction}
  • reading comprehension
  • writing & editing {fixing spelling & grammar mistakes, creating novel sentences}


Some of the skills included in set 4 are: 

  • grammar & language {such as: irregular past tense, story elements, proofreading, punctuation, cause/effect, fact/opinion}
  • complex concrete and abstract questions {such as: making inferences, looking up information online}
  • math {such as: time word problems, making changing, finding the missing number in irregular patterns, fractions, multi-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, one and step word problems}
  • reading comprehension {focusing on summarizing, main idea, inferential questions, character traits, etc.}
  • writing {writing complete paragraphs based on specific topics}


You can find all the leveled daily homework here!

My experience teaching early childhood and working with kindergarten teachers during the big transition to kindergarten has proven that our learners have a wide range of skills. I have had learners who benefited from errorless work and learners who were reading short books in the same class. One thing that I remind myself is that The Autism Helper resources should never be judged by their name! The Autism Helper has resources that can be used in early childhood and kindergarten classrooms. Once you look deeper into a resource, you will be amazed at how many you can use even with the younger learner!


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