Using TAH Resources With Older Students

One part of my OT assignment includes working in a life skill program for high school students 14-18 and a transition program for students 18-21 years old.  The focus of these programs includes learning important skills to prepare for adult life.  As an OT, I work collaboratively with the staff to support these important goals.  On my caseload, I have students with a wide range of skill sets, so I am always looking for a wide variety of activities to meet their needs.  The program, in a normal year, includes a lot of community based learning experiences.  Over the course of the pandemic, we have gotten quite creative as opportunities to access the community have been more limited.  Sasha to the rescue!  There are some great TAH resources that can be super helpful to use in the classroom with older students working on essential life skills for the future.  Here are my favorites!

Life Skills Adapted Books

I am loving these new versions of an old favorite product.  Everyone loves a good adapted book, but the majority that I have seen have been geared more towards younger students. These books are age-appropriate and relevant for older students.  I love the real pictures and real life examples!  Check them out here.

Work Task Mega Pack

This is a huge, fantastic resource.  I have not set up every work task, but there are multiple options for older students.  These are great for on campus vocational time, which we have had more of during the course of the pandemic.  The items are easily found at the dollar store and the included visuals make this a breeze to setup.  Check out this product here.

Data Entry Work Tasks

This is another fantastic resource that revolves around learning and using technology.  Many of my older students are interested in a future career with technology, and not all of our community vocational training sites offer such an experience.  This is a great resource for creating a meaningful on campus vocational experience that teaches relevant skills for the future!  Check out this product here.  

Communication Work Tasks

I love these tasks for my older students.  All of my students are working on communication in some way.  It is an essential skill to practice in the classroom before going into the community or onto a jobsite.  That’s why I love this activity – it offers a structured way to practice before the student may need to use the skill in the community.  I especially love the ‘Polite/Rude’, ‘Ways to Say Hello’, and Emotions activities within this pack.  Check it out here.  

Life Skills Units

The life skills units are jam packed with a wide variety of activities for all learners. There are activities that require matching, sorting, and writing.  Given the nature of the pandemic, we have used these resources to simulate community based instruction while we are unable to fully access the community.  There are many different versions, including: Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Park, Restaurant,  Mall and Grocery Store.  You can check purchase them as bundles to make it easy.  Check out the household bundle here and the community bundle here.  


There are many TAH resources that are appropriate and incredibly helpful to incorporate with older students who are working on life and vocational skills.  What are some of your favorites?


  1. Loved this so much! I work with high school and transition aged students and these resources are wonderful! Thank you so much, I would love to see more ideas for working with older students 🙂

    • Hi Alicia, SO happy to hear! Thanks for reading 🙂


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