Our jobs as teachers have completely changed.

Almost overnight teachers adapted to the changes and challenges that COVID brought. Using digital platforms to share content with students became the norm, and curriculums like the Leveled Daily Curriculums saved us hours of time. Our district made the move to SeeSaw this year for grades K-2. I’m a huge fan of SeeSaw and the way parents and students connect, but one question that repeatedly comes up is how to use the Leveled Daily Curriculums with SeeSaw. The curriculums are so large, they cover an entire school year or more! Here’s how to assign just a few pages and split apart the curriculums to use and assign in SeeSaw. Once you have it down, you’ll save so much time adding it as an activity! (This tutorial assumes you already have a SeeSaw classroom set up. If you don’t yet use SeeSaw, be sure to check it out! It’s free and a great way to reach your students when teaching remotely!)

First, Download.

First, download the PDF version of your curriculum from Teachers Pay Teachers. Once it’s downloaded, open the curriculum with Google Chrome.

Next, Spilt Apart the PDF

Splitting apart a PDF allows you to save a few pages of the PDF to assign, rather than try to add the entire curriculum only to delete the pages you don’t need. I split my curriculums up by what I’ll need for the week, then name it the curriculum and week so I know where I am each week. Once you have your curriculum open in Google Chrome, go to the print button. Then where it says destination, click “save as pdf”. Then under pages choose “custom”. Finally, choose the pages you want to save. 

Create An Assignment on SeeSaw

Log into SeeSaw and click the green plus sign in the top right corner of your screen. Choose “Assign Activity”. When you click this, you will be taken to the Activity Library in SeeSaw. Click on “Create New Activity”. To create a new activity, first name your assignment. Next, add instructions in the student instruction box. You can record yourself teaching students what to do by adding multimedia instructions or examples. Next, add a template for student responses by clicking the button at the bottom of the activity page. This is where that broken apart PDF comes into play. Choose the PDF you want to assign and upload the file. On the right hand side, you’ll see all of the pages you are assigning. If you only want to assign one, delete the others by clicking the three dots on the bottom of the pdf preview on the right hand side. Click the green checkmark when you are done editing the activity to exactly what PDFs you want assigned. Save the assignment.  


Finally, assign the activity you have created by clicking the green ‘assign’ button when you finish creating the activity. From here you will be able to pick specific students to assign this curriculum to. This is awesome for teachers who use different leveled curriculum to meet student needs. 

Have Students Complete Assignments

Once you assign the PDF from the Leveled Daily Curriculum, the student will be able to log in using their home learning code and complete the assignment. When students finish, you’ll be able to see their work! You can comment to them and have the fix anything missed or done incorrectly. 

Need More Help?

Check out this video walking you through all the steps! Leveled Daily Curriculums are great ways to meet student needs while remote learning, while allowing teachers to differentiate content to their student’s exact needs. Data collection is built right into the curriculum with pre and post tests given for each unit. Not only that, but it’s a huge time saver! It’s a huge reason I’m able to get through remote learning and in-person learning at the same time. If you haven’t yet, now’s the time to try it! You won’t be disappointed! 

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