Using Level 0.5 of The Autism Helper Curriculum

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Level 0.5 started out as a user request that went so well we made it into 4 subjects. We have Level 0.5 for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Level 0.5 is for your early learners or students working on foundational skills. Level 0.5 has bigger text and requires no writing skills. Students will circle, trace, or match while engaging with the activities. Level 0.5 has a huge focus on vocabulary skill building. Students can work on either receptive or expressive language using the vocabulary anchor charts. A data collection section is included on each worksheet to track progress over time.

How to Use It

Each unit of Level 0.5 has a focus skill and set of focus vocabulary words or concepts. These vocabulary words are on the anchor chart. There are 5 versions of the anchor chart so you can mix up the order of the vocabulary and students are not memorizing the location of each one. I recommend storing them in a page protector so you can easily swap around the pages. 

After the student completes the worksheet to work on the focus skill, then work on the vocabulary. At the bottom of each worksheet is a small data section. Circle receptive or expressive vocabulary. Receptive vocabulary will work on the student’s listening comprehension. When working on receptive vocabulary, say the name of the item and the student will point to the item on the anchor chart. Expressive vocabulary works on verbal saying the name of each item. When working on expressive vocabulary, point to an item on the anchor chart and the student will say the name. You could also work on expressive vocabulary with an AAC device.

On the data section of the worksheet, write in how many total trials you are collecting data on. I’d recommend this always being the same so you can accurately compare progress. For example, if you take data on 10 trials today, take data on 10 trials next week. Then use tallies to track how many correct or incorrect. You can transfer that data to the main data sheet later or immediately after the lesson. Also, check out Gina Using Level 0.5 in Pre-K.

Who is Level 0.5 for?

Level 0.5 is for students who have basic imitation skills, can work for a sustained time period of 2 or more minutes, and have basic control of a pencil or crayon. This is still worksheet based so the student must be able to use a writing tool purposefully. Level 0.5 can work well for students with verbal skills or without verbal skills. This curriculum will teach following directions, build vocabulary, increase work endurance and sustained attention, work on fine motor skills, and will introduce basic academic concepts.

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