I have shared a few posts on how to use google forms for organizing and analyzing student data (Google Forms for Beginners, Advanced Google Forms, and Google Forms Overview). In the start of the year, you may be taking some ABC Data to determine why a behavior is occurring. Remember, you need to know the cause (or function) of a behavior. Let’s review a simple way to use Google Forms to analyze your ABC data. This sounds like adding an extra step and yes, technically it is. But, I promise you that this is so quick and easy while providing valuable information that you really won’t mind. When I do full day behavior or data PDs, I set up this form and add 5 days of data real time and have someone time me (my best time is 2 minutes!) to show how quick it is!

First, you will be taking data with paper and pencil in the classroom. You want to see what commonly happens before a behavior and after a behavior (the antecedent and consequence) to figure out the why. I highly recommend using a checklist style ABC data sheet that can be found in my Behavior Plan Flow Charts and Tools. This makes taking data and analyzing the results MUCH easier.

Next, set up the google form based on the common antecedents and consequences for that child. You only need to set up the form once and it’s super easy. Use checkbox options and make sure to click that each question is ‘required.’

After you take data via that good ole’ paper and pencil, transfer the information to the google for. Like I said – this is QUICK. And it gives such a beautiful visual look at what some potential causes of that problem behavior are:

Check out my video tutorial for more detail:

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