Using Binders to Stay Organized

I wish I could bring this organization obsession home with me but I sometimes can’t. My classroom is WAY more organized than my home.  I’ve been on all time organizing high lately. I think it’s because with our case loads are getting bigger and bigger we need to be more efficient than ever. And organization = efficiancy. Either that or I’m just crazy.

My solution to staying organized and preventing (sometimes) the chaos… binders. I did all my binders this year in a chevron theme. But the gloriousness of these binders doesn’t end with their adorable exterior – it’s the inside amazingness that matters.

Teacher Binder: contains everything from lesson plans to IEP goal minutes to blanks to collaboration logs. I got these awesome divider tabs at a conference and just printed up some labels and taped them on top!

Student Reading Data Binder: Here I store everything related to reading. The Rigby Assessments, Baer tests we do for spelling, any blank forms/assessments related to reading, and vocabulary data as well.

Paraprofessional Reading Data Binder: This binder goes at the reading station – run by a paraprofessional – and has all the data sheets and goal info what each student works at this center. . For each goal, I have a goal sheet with everything written out followed by the data sheets. Examples of these data sheets are included in my Discrete Trial Data Pack 1 and Discrete Trial Pack 2!

Schedule Binders: I have two schedule binders. One keeps all of the numbers for my table time independent work system (the one I lovingly call the most space efficient and organized work tasks system) – we keep the numbers in baseball card holders. So easy.

The other schedule binder keeps all of our master schedules for my kiddos who have weekly written schedules, any monthly calendar pieces for our calendar binder work, and extra schedule pieces for my kids who are the color coded daily schedule (also keep in baseball card holders).

Now that I’m aware of my weird chevron urges, I’m going to try to cut back. Promise. Except for the patterns that are suuuuuper cute 🙂  Oh yea, my fluency data binders are chevron too….

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  1. I want to download all your adorable chevron cover pages!! I too am a bit chevron obsessed and a little OCD and want all my data binders to match.


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