Using a Traveling Schedule

Today I want to share one of the most important tools that I implement within my classroom, the traveling visual schedule. This manilla folder is a one stop shop to student success. With an individualized schedule on the front and token economy board on the back, your team will have everything they need to support your students. Well, besides the plethora of reinforcers that will inevitably be earned, but you get the gist. This cheap and simple tool is a must!

The Schedule


I want to emphasize the importance of our student’s schedule being able to go wherever they go. I have students who spend 20% of their day outside of my classroom while others spend 75%. Regardless of where they are or how long they are out and about, I want them to feel prepared and in control. By having their visual schedule accessible, we can successfully prep students for transitions and changes. Once an activity is complete, our kiddos can put the icon on the inside of the folder, giving them the sensation of checking it off the list. Not to mention, the more consistently this tool is used, the more independent they become with it. I have students that update their schedules without any prompting necessary, which we all know is the goal

Visual Supports


Not only is it important that our students feel prepared for the day, but we also know that activities and tasks need to be broken down at times. The back of the folder is where our visual tools come into play. At the top, all students have a “first/then” visual. I know you can all relate when I say these words are two of my favorites. If a student is having a tough time getting through an activity or needs their day to be broken down into small pieces, this visual is key.



Below that, what else but our beloved token board. Positive behavior interventions need to be distributed in all environments. Walking in the hall, participating in centers, eating lunch, reading a library book; you get a star, you get a star, YOU get a star. Our students thrive on frequent and immediate reinforcement, so make sure it’s taking place regardless of what part of the school they’re being awesome in.

I know many teachers utilize color coordination when setting up their classroom. Try these colorful file folders to ensure that each visual schedule is easily recognizable for each student! 

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