Unlocking Academic Success: The Autism Helper Leveled Daily Curricula

In the ever-evolving landscape of a classroom, differentiating for the unique needs of every learner can be challenging. For parents, teachers, and service providers working with students on varying levels of skills, The Autism Helper Leveled Curriculums offer a comprehensive approach to teaching multiple subjects. In this post I will be diving into the benefits of the Language Arts Level 2 and Level 1.5 Leveled Math as I use them with one of my students!

Language Arts Level 2: Nurturing Emerging Academics

With my student I knew I wanted to focus on learning letters and sounds, short and long vowel words, and rhyming/syllables.  For the purpose of my instruction, I started with the Unit 3 pre-test and it was the correct spot after scoring.  What I love about the pre and post tests is that there is a mini task analysis at the bottom which will send you in the right direction for instruction support!  I cannot wait to do the post test with this student as you can see in my notes there were many areas of skill need.  You can find this unit here.

Skills Included in this unit:

  1. Answering Who, What, and Where Questions:
    • Enhances comprehension and communication skills.
  1. Basic Sentence Formation & Grammar Rules:
    • Builds a foundation for clear and coherent expression.
  1. Short and Long Vowel Words:
    • Develops phonemic awareness crucial for reading.
  1. Rhyming:
    • Strengthens auditory discrimination and language rhythm.
  1. Counting Syllables:
    • Enhances phonological awareness.
  1. Parts of Speech: Noun, Verb, and Adjective:
    • Lays the groundwork for understanding language structure.
  1. Basic Synonyms and Antonyms:
    • Expands vocabulary and language flexibility.
  1. Blend and Digraph Words:
    • Improves decoding skills for reading.
  1. Functional Prepositions:
    • Enhances spatial awareness and understanding.

With a focus on emergent academics, this curriculum not only addresses academic skills but also promotes language development, crucial for effective communication.

Level 1.5 Leveled Math: Building Strong Foundations

The Level 1.5 Leveled Math curriculum is a powerful resource offering a year-long math curriculum specifically designed for children with limited pre-writing skills. This visually based curriculum breaks down larger skills into manageable steps, incorporating assessments and data-based decision-making. I knew my student needed to work on basic counting and addition however it took me 3 pretests in different units to see where I really wanted to start with him! I also like to make notes about how a student solves a problem, especially if they are inconsistent with correct solutions.  These notes will help me design different approaches to teaching within the unit! You can find this unit here.
Skills Included:

  1. Counting and Number Words 1-20:
    • Develops foundational numeracy skills.
  1. Sequencing Numbers 1-30:
    • Strengthens number sense and ordering skills.
  1. More/Less with Quantities and Bigger/Smaller with Numbers:
    • Builds understanding of quantitative relationships.
  1. Adding 0-5, 0-7, and 0-9 with and without Visuals:
    • Establishes basic addition skills.
  1. Penny, Nickel, Dime, and Quarter Identification of Value and Name:
    • Introduces basic financial literacy concepts.
  1. Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour:
    • Develops time-telling skills.
  1. Counting Tallies:
    • Reinforces counting skills in a visual manner.
  1. Simple and Complex Patterns:
    • Enhances pattern recognition abilities.

Level 1.5 also incorporates entry-level writing tasks such as coloring, circling, and drawing lines, ensuring that learners with limited pre-writing skills can actively participate and engage in the learning process.

Additional side notes:  I love using different writing utensils such as Bingo Daubers, highlighters, and dry erase marker boards.  I will also put the unit anchor charts in a plastic photo table frame that you can snag at the Dollar store!  It’s a great way to teach students how to look up and transfer information down, much like they are required to do in class from a Smartboard! Happy teaching!


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