Behavior visuals are my jam. Like seriously though. I excitedly started creating a behavior visual the other day only to realize I already had two versions of it made already. I love getting creative and thinking about different ways to prevent problem behaviors. These visuals work on just that! This resource is a collection of a bunch of different visuals to work on a wide range of behavior issues. Let me share everything included in the Ultimate Packet of Behavior Management Visuals Set 2. 

Sensory Choice Board

I love using this during a schedule sensory break, to use sensory as a reinforcer, or during a time of increased anxiety. 

Good Work = Less Work

If you have a kiddo with a lot of escape behaviors, this visual is for you. Use that exact reinforcer to increase on-task behavior. Make less work contingent on doing some work! 

Behavior Management Mash Up

This resource is a little bit social story, a little bit token economy, and a little bit time out card. Read more how I use this in this post. 

Ready to Talk

This double sided flippable visuals is PERFECT to help teach your students when you are available and when you aren’t. 

What's your volume?

This visual is used to provide a name (the number) and color code to range of voice levels. This helps us when we talk about where are volume should would be.

When I Have a Problem I Can

You can use this preventively and review the problem solving options on a regular basis. This will allow the student to have this options mastered when a problem does occur. This intervention can also be utilized when a behavioral trigger occurs. Discuss with the student or show the options on what the next steps can be.

Anger is Okay

These two written scripts and rules are effective for students who are higher functioning who have issues with anger. Writing out the options helps provide boundaries and options.

Anger Rating Scale

The idea is that you can use the larger anger check in to review how a student is feeling and where their anger is at.

Reflect and Learn

These activities will help students to identify behavioral triggers, consequences of their behaviors, and other choices they could have made.


Check out the video product preview of this resource! Included are detailed instructions for set up and use! 


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