Turn It In! Form Collection System: Freebie and Video Tutorial

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I just finished my first day with kids and I am exhaaaaausted! It was a success – a sweaty success but successful nonetheless! They were just so excited to be back to school! It was SO cute 🙂

As I sent home my massive Back To School Packet today I thought it would be helpful to share my form collection system. I had a very bad habit of losing forms prior to setting this up. There is nothing more embarrassing than having to call a parent to resign a form – you look like an idiot! When my students would bring forms back to school – half would throw them on my desk, others would leave them in their backpack, or my aides would collect them and then I wouldn’t be able to find them. Basically it would get lost in the hustle and bustle of the morning. Anything that makes my morning routine simpler – sign me up!

Here is the powerpoint: turn it in pp    Here is the PDF: turn it in pdf

Here is how I made it:

  • Laminated the page after I typed in my students’ names. I included a free download for either a PDF (you can write in the names) or a powerpoint (if you are OCD like me and like everything typed – you can edit this by inserting a text box into each space).

  • Then I cut it out and got a plain file folder:

  • I taped it from the back onto the file folder (at the fold) and then cut it so it was even:












  • Then I tape each side to wall slightly uneven so the file folder pocket is considerably open.


Ta-da (of course tape a dry erase marker under it!):


Here is a quick video tutorial:



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