True & False Turkeys {freebie}

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One of my favorites Freebies I ever made is True & False Turkeys. We loved it so much that I decided turkeys are appropriate year-round. I’m sure we can all commiserate about the ever increasing testing demands that even impact our students with the highest needs. Teaching test taking skills will help our kids have access to the general education curriculum. One of the main forms of assessment are traditional question/answer tests. The true and false concept may be something you hadn’t considered touching on but is important for our kids to understand. This little freebie is perfect to target this skill in a fun and seasonal way!

My favorite way to play this is a traditional question answer game with small groups of students. After they begin to get the idea, I have them create their own true/false cards. This can get absolutely hilarious and become a lot of fun. Thinking of the false cards is sure to get those important creative/imaginative juices flowing!

And true story (get it?!), this did happen to me the first time I laminated this game. And yes it did break my laminator…


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