True and False Turkeys {a free Thanksgiving game}

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I’m sure we can all commiserate about the ever increasing testing demands that even impact our students with the highest needs. I recently had to administer a citywide standardized test to two students with autism because they didn’t qualify for the alternate assessment. I knew they had no idea what was going on. Ugh. Waste of time for all involved.

This year I have really started focusing on teaching test taking skills. Not primarily because of standardized assessments but because it increases my students’ access to the general education curriculum. One of the main forms of assessment are tests – like it or not. Many of my students had no idea how to take quizzes or tests. The true and false concept went way over their heads. I had some big ole’ bambi eyes staring back at me when I tried to explain the whole ‘false’ notion. Yikes.

So what’s the quickest way to my kiddos’ hearts? A game of course! Add a little competition and my guys I’m talking engaged, people! They love it. So I made this game to working on teaching true and false and decided to give it a fun seasonal twist!

This a forever freebie on TpT so download away and leave me some feedback love pretty please 🙂

There are 54 playing cards including some trick cards of course!


Enjoy 🙂



  1. My “high” groups LOVE this game! We have played it all month!! I teach a K-5 Self Contained class! It was a huge hit! They constantly count their cards to see who is winning! They also automatically think they are going to lose all their cards when the pull a trick card! LOL And most importantly they have figured out the true false concept!

  2. Sasha, the H is missing on the HTTP for the address so it’s not working.. But THANKS a ton for the freebie~!

  3. So cute! SO happy to hear they liked it 🙂


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