Truck File Folder Activities

Do you guys go through phases? Get real into something and go all out for awhile? I for sure do – buuuut… my phases may a be a little more unconventional (and embarrassing…) than being real into pilates or shoe shopping. I have been real into making file folder activities. I told you. Not cool. I’m really not that cool. I try to leave work at work – but you all know that’s not possible.

I had this little realization a few weeks ago. I told you all about in my post about my Valentine File Folder Activities. When I first started teaching, I made loads and loads of independent work tasks like file folders and matching/sorting activities for my students who are lower functioning. Sure I have updated them along the way and added a few new ones but I haven’t done any major overhaul. Well dang. My poor babies must be sick of those same ole’ ones, right? They deserve some cute as pie fresh activities. The obsession began.

I found this truck clipart set and immediately loved it! I have a kiddo who just loves trucks. Here is a super secret tip: if you have students who engage in a lot of escape behaviors (inappropriate behaviors to get out of doing work) a great way to get around this is to make the work themed on their interests. Who cares if they count trucks or dinosaurs – as long as they are counting! Why not make it fun and engaging!? I guarantee some of this inappropriate behaviors will go away!

So if you have a student or child who loves truck – this set will be right up your alley! There are labels, directions for setup, and pictures included in this packet.

There are 12 different file folder activities in this File Folder Packet:

match and sort

count and number


size and pattern

Here is the video product preview to see every single page!


Check it out on TpT! HAPPY weekend! Who has fun plans?


  1. I do a lot of this kind of stuff with my kids, but find I go through laminating sheets and velcro like water, and am always begging for these supplies…including color ink and cardstock. Do you get supplies to make these things through your school, or do you know of a good deal for all of these things? They got me a little laminator for my classroom, which is great, but it takes a long time to make a lot of materials, and I have already gone through all of the laminating sheets.

  2. It is very expensive – use! I get tons of materials through there! It has SUPER helped me!


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