Another closet clean up discovery to share! I swear that closet revamp planned my posts for the next month. I hate to sound like a spoiled little teacher princess but I have so much stuff – I sometimes forget what I have! I know – you all feel really bad for me I’m sure, lol! But years of over my working organization obsession has left my with an awesome load of goodies. Things that are now part of our ‘regular rotation’ of supplies and activities held the coveted ‘new, cool idea’ spot a short few years ago. Feels good to give these resources the spot light. They deserve it. They have served me well. (I am aware of how weird my attachment to my activities sounds… don’t judge…)

I went through a BIG ‘trip to task’ phase a few years ago. I might copyright that ‘trip to task!’ Basically, you use student photos from a cool activity or fun field trip to create a work task. You better believe that these tasks will be more motivated than your tired ole’ matching colored shapes file folder (boooring). These are great for kids with work escape behaviors because these activities don’t really look like work!






The matching pieces can be whatever you want – student photos, words, the activity they are doing, etc. I usually make one page for each student of the class and bind them with a binder ring. So fun and super fast to make!


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