Top Ten Tiny Moments of the Week 🙂

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1. We went to the grocery store last week. Our shopping list was a particularly hilarious combination of thanksgiving food (for our upcoming thanksgiving party) and snack items. We also made a last minute addition of blackberries. One of my students pointed at blackberries and sadly hung his head while saying, “I wish we had put those on this list – I have never tried blackberries.” Oh the shocking delight of realizing we were the ones who made the shopping list and we can do what we want. So we added some blackberries and had a blackberry party back at school trying our new fruit! They got mixed reviews…


2. We started working on nouns. Get excited for next week’s Freebie Friday. We are doing Noun Ninjas (like Fruit Ninjas – get it?) all next week and I am excited to share this super fun unit with you all. It’s almost as amazingly rocking as Angry Verbs. 

3. We did some fluency assessments in Guided Reading Groups this week. The literacy specialist gave me this book – 3 Minute Reading Assessments and I thought it was pretty good! Quick, simple, and gave a great snapshot on my lil readers.









4. We had a ton of fun with our True and False Turkeys. It took a little bit of practice to say false. I almost kept giggling at my hilarious kiddos. They kept say folse or fahlse with a southern twang. HA! Some people have mentioned that this download wasn’t working for them. I have checked in on TpT a bunch of times and it seems to be working but if you can’t get it to work – leave me a comment and I’d be happy to email it you! If you download this freebie – please leave me some feedback 🙂

5. I put up some new bulletin boards! This is effortful for me because I kind of hate bulletin boards – I know!! How the heck could I become a teacher hating bulletin boards! I put up our Q-Tip Fall Tress with pictures from our Rustic Falls Family Field Trip. Cute, right?!

6.  Since this happened to my laminator…

UGHHHHH! My brother spent 2 hours trying to fix it with no luck. I loved that little laminator. It gave me some great years. Tear. I had to get a little more creative. I have been putting my monthly bingos in page protectors instead of laminating them anyways so we were still able to have our November Bingo Game ready to go. One of my students said, “Wow – it’s beautiful” when they saw it! HAHAHA! Cutie 🙂

7We spent election day talking about our election vocabulary and watching Brain Pop’s election movie on the iPad. I told them they could tell me on who the next president is when they got to school on Wednesday morning. I told them it might be very late Tuesday night that the final results would be announced. One of my kids looked a little worried – I asked him what was wrong and he said his bedtime was 9:30 and he didn’t know if his mom would let him stay up late to find out who is president so he might not be able to tell me on Wednesday. LOL! Good thing I caught that! Poor guy thought I wanted him to stay up late!

8I had a cookingpalooze on Wednesday for no apparent reason! I made homemade applesauce, spinach mashed potatoes, bbq chicken, and green beans – enough for about 10 people. Holy leftovers! 

9My guys are loving synonym snapshots. They CRACK up getting the trick cards. It is super cute to watch. We have bene using the puzzles in our independent morning routine. 

10Hands down the best moment of my week (you may have seen my facebook status about this) – one my students told me, “You know I usually think you are a really nice teacher but sometimes you are just heartless.” I about peed my pants laughing so hard. He was actually dead on. I was totally having mean teacher moment (it was deserved… long story!). Is that sad to say that I was proud of his great use of descriptive adjectives?!? 

What was the best part of your week?



  1. I love your website! I teach a primary class for students who are mentally disabled with a neuroloical condition such as autism. I loved your angry verbs idea and so did my students! I’m sorry to hear about your laminator. I am on my 4th one. Aldi and Scotch brand quit on me so I now love Purple Cows brand. If you have access to a Costco, they have a Purple Cows laminator for under $22 and it comes with lots of laminating pouches-the best deal around.

  2. Thanks for the tip Kathy – I will be checking that out!


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