Tips for Throwing a Behavior-Free Class Party

Class parties are not always the most fun event in some of our classrooms. It completely makes sense. We take away all of the structure, visuals, schedules, and consistency our kids need and thrive on. Then we give them an excessive amount of sugar and completely change their schedule. Are we surprised it’s a hot mess? You shouldn’t be. Here are my tips on throwing a successful class party that your students are sure to enjoy!

Set up stations.

I know, I know. More stations? Yes more stations. You can differentiate, provide appropriately leveled activities, and keep everything organized if you divide your party into stations. Pick 4 or 5 fun activities and have an adult run each run. Invite the SLP, OT, social worker, or parent volunteers to help run stations (they will love it). Plan it all out for everything to run extra smoothly 🙂

Have a schedule.

So you’ve got all these stations – now how are students going to rotate amongst the stations? Yes everyone will want to go to the cookie station first but how are you showing that they will get to go there eventually? Schedules! Create mini schedules to show how to rotate around the stations at the party. Have one for each student or group and have them cross off each activity as they complete it. Remember – we use schedules because some of our kids struggle with receptive language processing. That struggle doesn’t magically disappear during a class party. Give them the tools they need to succeed especially during novel events like a party!

Use visuals.

Think about how many verbal directions you are likely to give during a class party. There are new activities, changes to schedules, and lots of do’s and don’ts (don’t eat all that candy!). For each activity, set up some mini schedules to show the steps that are embedded into each new activity. Things aren’t fun when you don’t know what’s expected of you.

Love this all?

Are you on board with all these ideas but thinking when the heck will I find the time to set this all up? I’ve got you covered! Grab the schedules, activities, visuals, and more in my Class Party Setup Kit! It’s easy prep (no laminating required) so your Halloween party can be setup in a flash!

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  1. I love this. I will share with my inclusion teachers.


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