The Professional Development Membership Preview

Doors to The Autism Helper’s Professional Development Membership are opening soon.  This membership has positively transformed me as an educator and I want to show you how it can transform you, too!

Who is The Membership For?

Are you a hard-working special education teacher, paraprofessional, or service provider?  Do you love your job and your students, and want to learn strategies to help with classroom management, behaviors, and academics?  Then you are in the right place – The Professional Development Membership was made for you. 

What is The Membership?

This image is showing the live Q&A that is included in the professional development membership.

The Autism Helper Professional Development Membership is a 12-month-long course designed to give you knowledge and training on all things classroom management, behaviors, and academics.  It even includes training on working with paraprofessionals, IEPs, paperwork, and communicating with families.  There are three main components to this membership:  Training videos, resources, and community.

Training Videos

This is a photo of one of the training videos found in the professional development membership.  This is Sasha talking about staff training.

Each month, new training videos are released by Sasha Long, BCBA, former special education teacher, and Founder and President of The Autism Helper.  You will have access to many short, actionable training videos on these topics:

  • Staff Training
  • Class Structure
  • Academics
  • Behavior and Communication
  • Parent Collaboration
  • Expert Interviews

These videos are easy to watch and are usually under 15 minutes each!  I have learned so much from Sasha’s videos and have had great success implementing changes in my own classroom.  Her training has led to a wonderful and positive transformation in my relationship with my team, my classroom, and within myself.  I am now more confident in the decisions I make for my students – I am forever grateful for Sasha’s knowledge and expertise in the field.



Next, those enrolled in The Professional Development Membership get free access to at least 3-5 digital resources every month – many that are exclusive to the membership.  As a member myself, these resources have all been super easy to implement and differentiate in my special education classroom.  Without the membership, I never would have had access to so many different resources that are actually usable for my students.

Individualized Support

This image is showing the live Q&A that is included in the professional development membership.

Last, one of the most amazing benefits of being a part of The Professional Development Membership is the private community that I have access to.  Within this community, I have direct access to other professionals like me.  Additionally, I have access to The Autism Helper Team when I need them.  Sasha herself is quick to respond with amazing ideas and solutions for questions or concerns that I have personally expressed.  Furthermore, there is a monthly live question and answers video call with Sasha and other members of the team.  I have never felt so supported, seen, and heard as an educator!

The Professional Development Membership provides ongoing training, resources, and support to help create the best educational outcomes for learners with autism. As we know, this job can often be isolating and leave us feeling exhausted, unsupported, and alone.  I am here to tell you that you are not alone and you do not have to do this alone!   So, if you are like me and are ready to take control of your classroom, strengthen your individual knowledge as an educator, and gain confidence, join the waitlist today so you do not miss out on this amazing opportunity.  The Membership is opening for enrollment again in January 2023!

Last, as a bonus, teachers can earn 8 continuing education units by completing a full year in the course!

Leave your questions below and I will get back to you.  Thanks for reading!


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