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The temperatures in Virginia have finally gotten into the 90s this week, and with two little kiddos that sometimes means days are spent inside out of the scorching sun. This can be challenging when all our little ones want to do is eat snow cones and bask in their pools all day. The Autism Helper Summer Mega Pack is packed with fun activities that can be done inside, and for those of you adventurous enough to sit out in this humidity – these activities make for a great way to practice some skills while outside for a picnic or enjoying fresh lemonade on your porch!

Inventory, Sorting and Shelving

The produce basket sort provides children practice with identifying produce, and sorting items. This activity is simple to prep – cards can be laminated and placed with hook and loop. No lamination machine or hook and loop? That’s okay – keep your large pictures in a folder, and small pieces in a zip lock baggie when you’re done using them to keep them protected.

Summer Calendar

Summer should be about resting right? Somehow, I manage to pack it full with trips, concerts, chores and more. I pack the calendar with things to do and before I know it… summer is done! The Summer Mega Pack includes blank calendars for June, July, and August and icons for events happening each month to place on the calendar – this makes for a fun way for your child to practice planning summer out with you. Feel free to make your own calendar icons to match your family’s calendar!

Building Kabobs

The kabob activity is delightful. Your child is given skewers with a pattern of items already on them. The additional pieces give your little one the chance to complete the pattern on the skewer – feel free to add hook and loop to attach the sequence. Want to take this activity up a notch? Try using real food items to work on patterns, then sit back and enjoy a yummy treat together! Yum!

Matching Text to Picture

The matching sentence to pictures acitivty is probably my favorite! Each card has a summer related sentence with an array of 3 pictures – only one picture correctly matches the sentence. If an array of 3 is too many options for your child this summer – cut the pictures and present a smaller array! The Autism Helper mega packs are always easily adaptable making them accessible for anyone!



The Summer Mega Pack is filled with activities that can be modified to meet your family’s needs. With over 100 pages of materials, you are sure to find something your child will enjoy. Whether you’re looking for an activity for a hot summer day or something to do during those unavoidable summer storms – we hope that this mega pack helps your kiddos to practice multiple skills while still having fun this season!

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