The Classroom Business Series: Card-Making

Check out the details below for the last blog of the classroom business series, card-making!

Starting Up:

This classroom business started with a grant from the school’s PTA (parent-teacher association) to purchase the initial materials and donations.  Donations are a massive contribution to this classroom business, as well.  It is as simple as sending out a request for donations (stamps, construction paper, blenders, scissors, etc.) through email that keeps this business successful.  Recycled construction paper scraps are collected from the elementary schools in the district to be used for the card-making business.  

Running a Card-Making Business:

Creating cards requires many steps that generate multiple tasks for various levels of learners to participate meaningfully.  Some of the most complex learners can use switch-activated blenders to help make paper.  This classroom also incorporates peer mentors to participate in the business and work alongside the students.  Setting up a rotation for the different tasks for students and peer mentors help keep the business running smoothly.


  • Scraps – tear scraps 
  • Sorting scraps by color
  • Blending scraps with water
  • Decorating/Designing

The class also incorporates opportunities for the students to participate in various activities with their peer mentors during this time.



Students can work on a variety of skills during the card-making process.

  • Fine motor (tearing, cutting, stamping, gluing)
  • Pre-academics (sorting, packaging, put-in tasks)
  • Work skills/life skills (completing a task from start to finish, working with others, following directions, working from a model)
  • Academics (counting to package cards/fill orders, money exchange, measuring water and weighing paper scraps, reading order forms)
  • Social skills (working with others, following directions)


Students and staff start focusing on the creation of Christmas cards as early as October to get ready for their biggest sale of the year.  The class bases their designs and products on the upcoming holidays.  In the fall, the focus is on birthday and thank you cards and graduation and mother’s day cards during the spring.

Options for Purchasing Cards:

Cards are sold for $1.00 each and can be purchased in a few ways:

  • Order forms are sent out through email to the entire district 
  • Custom orders can be made by request
  • Display cards in the office for a grab-and-go option


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