I am SO excited to share with you a project that has been in the works for a long time. It’s time to official announce The Autism Helper Professional Development Membership. This membership group will provide you with training, resources, and community all year long. Each month you will have access to different training videos and resources to put the right strategies and systems in place in your classroom.

I like to think of this as a broken down and digestible version of my Professional Development Workshops with some of my favorite TpT resources and consulting sprinkled in. I have spent a lot of time creating the plan and path for this group. I want to work with you to create action steps for getting your classroom to the place you want it to be! 

The Details: 

I’ve got all of the specifics on this link here but let me give you a quick run down. Every month, there will be 5-8 training videos. The videos are short, specific, and actionable. Let’s make the most of your time! The videos will also come with audio only versions (so you can listen in the car – like my podcast), a transcription, and captioned videos. Many of the videos come with exclusive, brand new resources that are only for members. Speaking of resources, every month you will also get to pick 3 of my downloadable digital resources from a selection. I’ve chosen resources that will be most applicable to the time of year and strategies you are learning about in the training videos. On top of all of this, you’ll have access to a private FB group where I will be doing a FB live every month just for members to discuss, trouble-shoot, and brainstorm. 

This group was designed with you in mind. You are the kind of teacher that takes action. You are working hard to make your classroom the best it can be for your students. I want to work with you to streamline this process. I have been getting lots of requests for online training and webinars and this version will allow us to work together while you learn new and practical strategies. I have been making so many exciting new templates, editable documents, and handouts just for this group. I’ve honestly been hesitant to even share pictures of them online because the only spot you’ll be able to get it is in this membership group. 

Heres a little sneak peak from behind the scenes. Some of the topics we are covering the first few months: scheduling your independent work system for the whole year, pairing, how to create staff training time, creating a classroom teaching plan, behavior skills training, analyzing ABC data, taking frequency data while you teach, and SO MUCH MORE. I want these videos to give you a plan. Often, I see teachers try to do everything at once and (spoiler alert!) – that doesn’t work. So let’s take it one step at a time and have that every applicable mantra in our heads: progress not perfection! 

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