One Thanksgiving Feast = One Exhausted Teacher

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UGGHH! Man did I earn my paycheck today! Nothing like a little pink eye to throw a loop in your perfectly planned Thanksgiving party. I swear – sometimes I wonder if I am secretly on a reality show and each day is a new elimination challenge. Jeez. Never a dull moment in my life. My little pink eye guy has been literally counting down the days until this party and I felt so bad! Our school nurse said he could stay at school but had to stay on isolation island. So no cooking – only angry bird coloring books all morning. Poor guy 🙁 But at least he got to enjoy the Thanksgiving feast for lunch.

I’m pooped so nothing too lengthy today – just wanted to share a few pics!


… now I’m off to wash the mashed potatoes out of my hair! Hope you all have an AMAZING and RELAXING Thanksgiving 🙂



  1. Sasha, I am with you. I was not only crazy to have the Thanksgiving luncheon but I also invited parents. I am exhausted. Your pictures look great it really is so worth it once we get som sleep tonight. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Omigosh Patty! You were ambitious! Hope it went well and you are having a VERY relaxing weekend 🙂


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