Ten on the Sled with Free Book Visuals

I was looking for some new winter books to use with my students and I found this cute “Ten on the Sled” book by Kim Norman.  This book is perfect for the winter season.  I created some free visuals to pair with the book along with some larger sequencing pictures.  I wanted to share them as a free resource for you to use with your students this winter.  So far the students I have used this book with have enjoyed it!  Hope yours do too! 

This book is great to work on building up animal vocabulary concepts, number concepts, action verbs, and sequencing skills.  I start off by having my students look at the front of the book and I tell them the title of the book.  I think this is an important concept for students to learn.  Then I have one of my students find the visual of the book cover and place it on the front of the book.  To set up these books, I just put soft Velcro on the back of all the small book visuals and then a piece of hard Velcro on the cover of the book and one on each page inside the book to match up with the book visuals. 

The book starts out with 10 animals on the sled.  Then on each page an animal does a different action verb to fall out of the sled.  The book counts down from those 10 animals to one lonely caribou left on the sled.  While you read the book the students need to pair each animal visual with the animal in the book.  For example, on the first page “the seal spilled out”.  I had my students find the picture of the seal and attach it in the book. 

You can change the prompting depending on your student’s skill level.  If my student is learning how to use an adapted book I might just give them the correct animal and let them attach it in the book.  At this point, I’m working on my student attending to the book and participating.  I model the animal vocabulary terms paired with the visual. 

Sometimes I give my student a choice of 2 animal pictures to reduce the visual field.  Then they can look at both visuals and determine which one pairs with the animal in the book.  My students are working on their visual discrimination skills and attending to the book.   

I like how each action verb starts with the same letter as the animal.  For example, “the walrus whirled out” and “the fox flipped out”.  Lots of new verbs to model for my students.  Sometimes my students were also able to help count down as we turned the page in the book.  I would point to the number on the page as I read. 

At the end of the book the caribou was lonely so all the animals leaped on the sled again for another ride! 

I also created some larger animal pictures if you wanted to use as a sequencing activity.  You could have your students put the animal on a board or the table as you read the story.  Then at the end you could go over who fell out first, second, third, etc.  You could also practicing naming and counting all the animals who were on the sled. 

If you are interested in using these book visuals click the link – Ten on the Sled

I’m also working on creating some other book companions I will be sharing in the New Year!


  1. Thank you so much for this! This will be perfect to use with my ECSE students after winter break!

  2. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for the materials you share with us. I have used many different ones you have shared with us. My kids will love this one this month!


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