Teacher Appreciation Sale! {May 5 & 6}

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This sale has to be one of my favs. Maybe because I am a teacher and I love being appreciated. Heck – we teachers get so little appreciation lately that I will take when I can get it! But maybe I love this sale because a lot of us need that last minute push of resource induced rocket fuel to propel us through to the end of the year. It’s May and the sweet taste of summer is so close we can almost taste it. But be wary of packing up your visuals just yet. If you close up shop & give in to that burn out too early you will be sorrily regretting it when your kids completely take over your life. So do yourself a favor – snag some last minute goodies and end this year on the same high note that you started it at!

Sale Details:

Get 28% off everything Autism Helper on May 5 & 6 using coupon code ThankYou. We have some awesome new resource to share with you!

New Adapted Books:

Adapted books are great to teach new skills, practice old ones, engage for a whole lesson, or use at before transition times!

The Autism Helper

The Autism Helper

1The Autism Helper

The Autism Helper


Multi-Disciplinary Unit

This Doctor Unit is  jam packed with resources for a wide range of types learners to work on a board set of skills – all doctor themed! Work on fine motor skills, matching, sorting, association, reading comprehension, math facts, social skills, and more! Over 200 activities included in this mega pack – this will get you through the end of the year in style!

The Autism Helper


Math Mega Packs

Math isn’t my strongest subject but these mega packs make working on a focused math topic a breeze!




Fill up your carts for the sale tomorrow and Wednesday! Everything Autism Helper is 28% off! 🙂



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