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I’m linking up again with Blog Hoppin’ for Teacher Week.  Today’s line up: Where I Teach Wednesday!

I teach self-contained autism at the intermediate level – grades 5-8. My classroom is in a regular elementary school. There are actually 4 autism classes in my building. The students with autism come from all over the district, not just the surrounding neighborhood, and are bused in. The district I work in places self contained rooms in schools all over the city. Whenever a child is placed in this program, they look at what classrooms are nearest to the child and where there are openings. So my students live all over the city! Most of the students in my school qualify for free/reduced lunch and the school population is very ethnically diverse. Last year they put flags in the hallway to represent all of the different ethnicities of our students and it went all the way across one floor!

My classroom is made up of 10 students all with a diagnosis of autism. Some of them have an additional diagnosis as well including cognitive impairment, epilepsy, speech apraxia, and deaf/hard of hearing. The set up of my classroom is highly structured and routine based (for setup tips, check out my classroom page).

Here is what my classroom looks like (now):

Ahhhhh – such a mess!! This picture doesn’t even capture it. I had to go in today for a meeting but we aren’t allowed to set up our classrooms yet – SUCH A TEASE! I’m dying to get in there and get going. Check back next week for my pretty and organized classroom photos 🙂


  1. I bet your classroom is very interesting! I live working with children with autism. It is truly a calling! Can’t wait to see pics of your room!


  2. Can’t wait to see it! What state are you in?

    I have a self contained classroom and half of my students have an autism diagnosis.

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  3. Hi Rachel! I’m in Illinois- where do you work? I love your blog by the way!

    Good luck with your first days with students!

    – Sasha

  4. Yes! Working as a special ed teacher is never boring, right!? Hope the start of your school years goes great 🙂

    – Sasha

  5. I am with you. I teach in a classroom for children on the Spectrum as well. Right now I have 3 boys (small district) We are open to others but this is the first year of this classroom. I see my future and it is expanding. I am enjoying your blog and units. Trying the angry verbs next week and the election unit as well.

  6. Thanks Patty! Let me know how your kids like the angry verbs! I posted mine in the hallway and I have all the junior high kids lingering by room to look at them – makes us feel pretty cool 🙂


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