Target Dollar Spot Favorites

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You may recall my Dollar Tree blog post about must-haves for your classroom if you have been following me. Check it out here if you haven’t read it yet. Besides the Dollar Tree, Target is one of my favorite stores to find some great additions to the classroom, especially in the Dollar Spot section of the store.


School supplies start filling the shelves earlier and earlier every summer. Heck, it’s not even July 4th, and school supplies are filling the store shelves. Now is the time to start shopping for these items at your local Target before you miss out on getting some of my personal favorites for the classroom.


Fidgets for the Classroom

You can’t go wrong with these!  Have a variety of fidgets available when your students need them.


You will need containers to house the fidgets; if you love to color-code each student as I do, these come in various colors.


As with the containers, the folders come in various colors, making it easy to color-code your students.  I love using the prong folders for home folders and student-assigned table work.  They are great for using with The Autism Helper Curriculum.  Add a sheet protector for the anchor chart and the worksheet for the daily work task.

*Disclaimer: The folders are with the school supplies and not in the Dollar Spot section.  They are essential to my classroom set-up.


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