Taking Turn-Taking to the Next Level

Level 2: Receptive Language

With our lovely little level 1 learners – we discussed the very, very basic steps to take for teaching turn taking. That was for our kiddos who are brand spankin’ new to anything social skill and turn taking related. For our level 2 guys – we are going to take things to the next level make this more advanced. Let’s fade out those prompts and see how much we can pull ourselves away from the whole situation.

Game Time = Learning Time

If you are new to The Autism Helper world you may wonder what’s with the obsession with games. Bingo is literally the third word out of my mouth half the time and I’m on an endless search for finding and sharing stellar game suggestions. Should are classrooms be a mass chaos of a learning-free fun zone? Heck no! Games are a critical and essential way to work on a wide range of topics. Games are freaken amazing for several reasons:

  1. Your kids who hate working won’t mind playing. It’s not work – it’s a “game.” It’s all about semantics, people. Join in.
  2. I am a constant advocate of the multi-tasking activity. Our kids have way too much to learn to allow us the luxury of working on one topic at a time. It’s imperative to work on multiple things at once. Games allow us to incorporate academics and social skills. Viola! Double duty activity time!
  3. Social skill instruction is built right in! (see above)
  4. It’s just fun. (see above)

So make game time part of your regular routine and cast all guilt aside. Be ready to defend yourself and your activity choice with gusto were anyone to question your activity. How dare they? You are the expert here! Within these game activities, really focus on the turn taking skill here and build independence.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.43.56 AM

Here are some of my favorite games that you can work on this ever important skill:



Literacy Bingos {Opposite Bingo shown here}




Monthly Bingos {February Bingo shown here}


Inference Task Card Games


Alphabet Mystery Box



Don’t you worry! Games aren’t the only activity you can use to practice turn taking. You can incorporate this into so many areas of your day and so many different activities:

Morning Time: Everyone has a turn for each part of the morning routine!


Guided Reading: Take turns reading paragraphs or pages. Who is next?

IMG_5326    Adapted Books: Every student gets a turn to do one page. Pass the book around. 


Visual Questions: Each student asks one question.


Share Supplies: One bucket of crayons and everyone gets a turn to pick theirs!


Cooking: Filled with turn-taking opportunities! 


File Folders and Direct Instruction: Split the materials and have students work together on one task!



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