Vocabulary and Grammar Task Cards/Boards!

Here is a big round up of our great vocabulary and grammar task cards and boards to use with your students.  I created cards which are smaller and boards which are larger.  I also purchased this photo storage container which works perfect to store all the decks.  Inside the container is 16 photo boxes which each holds a deck of these cards or boards.  It’s great because you keep all the card together.  Plus it works great for teachers and clinicians who travel between classrooms and schools.  Here is the link from Amazon – Storage Container.

Category Cards – The set contains 72 Name that Category and 72 What Doesn’t Belong cards.

Name that Category – For these cards I have the students name all 3 items on the card to work on building up those vocabulary skills.  Then I have the students tell me how the items are related or the category name.

What Doesn’t Belong? – I have been working with some of my students on “because” so for the What Doesn’t Belong cards the students have to not only identify which item does not go in the group but they also have to explain why which is really challenging.  I’m sure some of you have had the same situation where the student can easily identify which item doesn’t belong in a group of items but struggles to complete the “because” part.

Feature and Function Cards – This set contains 63 cards which focus on identify the correct item given a description of the item.  For example, “find the one who flies”.  The student needs to identify the “bee” as the one that flies in the group of 4 animals.

Similarity and Differences CardsThis set contains 72 cards which focus on identifying one similarity and one difference between 2 items.  This can be really challenging for students to answer that “why” component between the 2 items.

Synonym and Antonym Vocabulary BoardsThis set contains 48 synonym boards and 48 antonym boards.  The students need to determine the correct synonym or antonym given a choice of 3 answers.  The students can use paperclips, dry erase markers, or verbally tell you the answer for each board.

Regular and Irregular Past Tense Grammar Boards – This set contains 48 regular past tense boards and 48 irregular past tense boards.  The students need to determine the correct form of the regular or irregular past tense verb form given a choice of 3 answers.  The students can use paperclips, dry erase markers, or verbally tell you the answer for each board.   

Plural Grammar BoardsThis set contains 60 regular and irregular plural boards.  Again, the students need to determine the correct plural form for each picture given a choice of 3 answers.

Pronoun Grammar BoardsThis set contains 60 pronoun grammar boards.  The student needs to choice the sentence using the correct he/she/they pronoun to pair with the given picture.   



  1. I tried to use your discount code today but it didn’t work.

  2. Sorry – the sale was 8/1 and 8/2. There is possibly going to be another one in the end of August! 🙂

  3. I love these cards ! Can we buy them ? And how much are they ?
    Stunning ideas!

  4. Hi the cards won’t print but did download. Please help

  5. Do you print cards on paper or card stock? And what thickness of laminate?

    • Regular paper and then laminate! If you do card stock, it’s too thick and can peel easier. I’d recommend 5 mil laminating pages.


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