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a Trip to a Task: Using Class Photos to Make Engaging Work Tasks

Another closet clean up discovery to share! I swear that closet revamp planned my posts for the next month. I hate to sound like a spoiled little teacher princess but I have so much stuff – I sometimes forget what I have! I know – you all feel really bad...

When Is It? Adapted Book

You by now are embarrassingly familiar with my newfound adapted book obsession (check out this post and this post if you aren’t). I guess not new but a revisited obsession. I have been using my Who Is It? and Where Do I Work? books all the time with my students...

Kids Like to Play

  More adapted book love!! I saw a book similar to this at a training years ago and I knew I had to make a version of my own. I have (and have had) tons of kiddos who are this point where they match, sort, and then I am sometimes stuck on where to go next. Time...

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