Table Top Work Station

So I got this Tabletop Pocket Chart – that I love. Here is what I’m using it for:

I set up 4 different types of sorting card sets. Sort by color, sort by type, and sort by community helper (related items).

And then I store all the sets of cards in labeled baggies:


In my Seven Steps: Organization and Planning post I talked about having two work desks (we call it ‘factory’) for work tasks that we switch out each week. I use these there. I can easily switch out the sorting station super fast. I think I am going to also make sort by size, sort by holiday, sort coupons by grocery type, sort by where you would buy it, and sort by meal category (drinks, breakfast, snacks, dinner, desserts).




Check out my sorting file folders in my TpT store. Paste these in a file folder, laminate, and you are all set!

Sort by color and size:







Sort by temperature, habitat, and category


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